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This one of kind program is the ultimate total body workout!

Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays: $10 for walk-ins, 5 Classes for $45 and 10 Classes for $75


Discover all inclusive fitness in this 35-40 minute high energy aerobics fusion class. Aerobics, plyo, isometrics, strength training-Bringing you a serious workout you can’t get just anywhere! Based on Jillian Michael’s BodyShred program, this class will have you sweating!!! Burning between 500-900 calories each class!

S– Synergistic
H– High Energy
R– Resistance
E– Endurance
D– Dynamics

(All Levels-this class is not for those with major joint issues or with any heart conditions. Beginners, please make sure you have been physically active consistently for at least 2 months.)

Thursdays class will focus more on Lower body and Abs.